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Fulfillment Service

Warehouse Fulfillment Service for E-Commerce

As we know the dynamic nature of E-Commerce industry, we can’t be fully sure on space utilization and number of inventories to be stocked in warehouse, Tuas Express comes up with an option of customized warehousing fulfillment services. Apart from warehousing we also offer local delivery depending upon needs.

Overseas Warehouse Fulfillment Services With Tuas Express

Tuas have been providing warehousing facilities for Inbound & Outbound shipments in strategic locations of mainland China. Working with Tuas Express can help you get access to storage space 4000 sq ft along with warehouse management solutions that include (but not limited to) :-

  • Manage Inbound/Outbound parcels
  • Manage Inventories of SKUs
  • Manage loading/unloading of parcel/cargo
  • Custom Clearance

Why to use overseas warehouse for shipments?

If you are into e-Commerce business, sending small shipments doesn’t make sense as it will increase no. of transactions, time, lesser or no margins per sold products and chances of damage/loss of product in shipments. To overcome this it’s better to know your most selling high value products and store them in overseas warehouse from where you can do milk run and door deliver the product. Overseas warehouse helps in:-

  • Reducing shipment time
  • Improving margins
  • Quality of services improved
  • more sales

RMA Service

Tuas Express helps merchants in managing their return order shipments. Return policy of merchants are thoroughly understood before processing any return of products. We follow as per below process:-

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